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I am currently finishing my 3rd book, which should be available nor for pre-order.  My First two were fantasy fiction in the World of Alonica.  The new book is a novella set in the Wild West with a female sheriff.  Scroll down to find out more about the books and where you can order them at.

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G.M. Kelso, Author of the Alonica Series was born and raised in Houston, Texas where he began his love for the fantasy worlds at a young age.  He served in the USNavy for four years and got out with an honorable discharge.  Afterwards he worked odd jobs until he was diagnosed with stage IV cancer at the age of 37.  While fighting the disease, with the help of family and friends, he let his mind enter a world and began writing to give him a strong since of purpose for the ongoing battle.  Out of this fight came the world of Alonica.  Alonica: Rise of the Dragon Heirs won 2018 Book Cover of the Year while Alonica: Splitting Heirs has won March 2019 Book Cover of the Month with the Houston Writer's Guild.  Kelso continues to work on this series along with more stories he feels are waiting to be told.

Alonica: Rise of the Dragon Heirs

Award Winning Cover.  Book Cover of the Year 2018 Houston Writer's Guild

After ten years of training, Zintare returns home to find out his home has been destroyed and his father had perished in what was known as the last battle of The Dragon Wars.
When he meets with an old acquaintance, he is led to the Dragon Spine Mountains to finish his training from a new mentor.
Finding out from his mentor, that he is half dragon and needs to follow a certain path, Zintare must decide which. That path of his reptilian kin, which leads to power and glory over Alonica, or that of his human kin, which leads to honor.
The fate of Alonica rests in his hands. 

Available on Amazon for 13.99 and Amazon Kindle for .99


Alonica: Splitting Heirs

Award Winning Cover.  Book Cover of the Month for March 2019 by Houston Writer's Guild

After defeating Salaastar at Cinder, the heroes go off on their individual journeys. Eleja in search of a new home for the elves comes across a disturbing secret, Zintare and Ankhil encounter new companions while journeying to give his father a ceremonial burial. Nissassa finds out her assassination attempt against her father turns into a rescue mission as Zobia has been kidnapped by the Goddess Maalynxia in Oglar. Meanwhile, Thresall, the All-Mother, is in route with a deadly army to begin her attack on Taalaan. Will the heroes be able to join forces in time to save their home or will it be too late?

Available on Amazon for 11.99 and Amazon Kindle for .99


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Growing up in the Wild West is tough, but for a woman even tougher.  Join Tess as she fights her way against Timothy McCraven and his hired guns to obtain her goal of becoming sheriff of the small town of Harperton.

Currently Available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle .99

Available Nov 13, 2019